Tryout Rules (Ajax Minor Hockey Association)

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3.1.        AMHA will accept players from OMHA Centers within the LOR (Lake Ontario Region) at the A and AA levels from Minor Atom to Midget. We will also accept a maximum of three (3) import players from eligible GTHL Centers in the LOR (Lake Ontario Region) at the A and AA levels from Minor Atom to Midget.  AE is restricted to Ajax residents only and is not open to LOR GTHL Centers.


3.2.        The AMHA will provide ice time for tryouts to each team. The schedule will be posted in advance on the AMHA website with times, locations, and number of tryouts.  Signing and sizing for each team will be determined. Novice to Midget will conduct tryouts in April/May and Minor Novice, Juvenile and Roster Select will conduct tryouts in September/October.


3.3.        It will be the responsibility of the AMHA and the Head coach to ensure that every Player/goalie attending a tryout is registered & paid in full with the AMHA. This is a rule in order to attend tryouts.


3.4.        A letter from the Head coach will be provided with team goals, expectations and estimated costs for the season. This letter must be approved in advance by OMHA Director or designee.


3.5.        AA tryouts will commence upon the completion of the AAA tryouts. A tryouts will commence upon the completion of the AA tryouts. AE tryouts will commence at the completion of the A tryouts, all based on the dates provided by the OMHA.


3.6.        The AMHA will be responsible for the collection of tryout fees. Tryout fees will be collected in advance of the tryouts in a manner determined by the AMHA Board of Directors.  A standard tryout fee will be established and must be paid in full before a player/goalie is allowed to skate for any AMHA team.


3.7.        The OMHA Director will meet with the coaches prior to the commencement of the tryouts to establish standard tryout procedures.


3.8.        The Head coach will only utilize support during tryouts from persons who have no children in that particular division including certified trainers. A certified trainer is mandatory for all tryouts.


3.9.        All potential Rep players/goalies must tryout for the AA or A team until they have been released. The only exception is a player/goalie that played house league for the complete current season, who may register to attend AE tryouts only. If the player/goalie is required to tryout and refuses an A card, the player/goalie cannot be carded to any Rep team within the AMHA. All players/goalies wishing to attend Rep tryouts, shall pre-register in a manner to be determined by the Association, and posted on the AMHA website.


3.10.      All players/goalies must tryout for AA or A. If a player/goalie who is required to tryout does not attend the first tryout the AA or A head coach must attempt to contact the players/goalies parents immediately following the first tryout. If a player/goalie is unable to attend the tryout process due to an injury, illness, family vacation or any other reason, it is the responsibility of the player/goalie to be available for the coach to select. A Head coach may select a player/goalie who is not able to attend tryouts if the Head coach is satisfied that if the player/goalie was able to attend the tryouts the player/goalie would be one of the players/goalies chosen to the team.


3.11.      Non-incumbent players/goalies can be released from the AA team at the end of the first tryout. No incumbent players/goalies may be released until the 3rd tryout in AA and 2nd tryout in A/AE. The Head coach will notify players/goalies whether they have been selected or released from the team by the online process and letter for the final tryout.


3.12.      Any Head Coach who anticipates releasing more than 3 players/goalies from the previous seasons team must advise the OMHA Director at least 24 hours before doing so.


3.13.      The Head Coach will co-ordinate with the AMHA to have the players/goalies (min/max 17) sign the Offer of Commitment on the scheduled signing day.


3.14.      The Head Coach will co-ordinate with the AMHA to have the team sized for jerseys on the scheduled sizing day at a pre-determined location if applicable.


3.15.      All players/goalies trying out for any team must remain on the ice for the entire tryout except in the case of illness or injury.


3.16.      Any Head Coach who does not follow these rules will face disciplinary action in the form of suspension or removal as the Head Coach.



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