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Annual General Meeting and Call For AMHA Board Nominations
Submitted By Carrie Reynolds on Wednesday, May 11, 2016
This year’s AGM will be held on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Ajax Community Centre, HMS Room.

All coaches are asked to attend and to encourage parents on their team to attend.  The purpose of the meeting is to approve amendments to the Association By-Laws (if any), approve the financial statements, elect the Board of Directors and discuss new business.

Voter Eligibility

Once a player in the Association turns 18 years of age, they automatically become a member of the Association and replace the parents. The parents would still be able to cast a vote for any of their children that are under the age of 18 years or if they qualify under a different class of membership (ie. rostered bench staff, referee or board member).  Eligibility to vote at the AGM will be verified by a registration list of all Association members at check-in.


Any amendments to the By-Laws by a member must be in writing, signed by a member in good standing and received by the Secretary of the Association 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, deadline being Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 7:00 pm.


The following Board positions will be up for election at the June 14th, 2016 AGM.  Please see pre-requisites and responsibilities below.

·       President

·       Secretary

·       Sponsorship Director

·       Major House League

·       Marketing Director 

·       Director of Volunteers   


All completed online applications must be received by the Secretary by no later than 48 hours prior to the AGM; being no later than 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 12th, 2016.  Applications will NOT be accepted after the deadline.  No exceptions.

For all board positions a Director:

·       Shall be eighteen (18) or more years of age;

·       Shall not be an un-discharged bankrupt or of unsound mind;

·       Shall be a Member of the Association throughout his or her election or appointment;

·       Shall remain a Member of the Association throughout his or her term of office.

Please note before applying you must be sponsored by two AMHA members in good standing.  These members will be contacted to confirm your nomination.


Pre-requisite:  Minimum one (1) year on the AMHA Board
Term: Two (2) years

·       Represent the Association in the Community;

·       Act as Chair of the Board, at all Meetings of the Membership, or act as Co-Chair in the event of someone being hired to Chair a Meeting of Membership;

·       Have the power, on recommendation of the Board of Directors to replace any appointed members, league representatives or members of the Board who they feel is not fulfilling his or her duties;

·       Exercise general supervision of the Association in accordance with Policies determined by the Board;

·       Be a non-voting Member of all Committees and Sub-Committees of the Association;

·       Report regularly to the Board on matters of interest;

·       Delegate tasks as necessary;

·       Be one of the Associations signing officers.

Pre-requisite: none
Term: Two (2) years

·       Record or delegate the recording of the minutes of General Meetings of the Membership, Board Meetings and ensure that Association records are regularly and properly kept and all business is conducted in accordance with any applicable statue or law, the Letters Patent, and By-Laws and the Policies and procedures established by the Board or by the Membership;

·       Ensure the proper custody of the Association’s corporate seal, corporate minutes, and resolutions and other corporate records and documents;

·       Act as the Primary Liaison to arrange times and locations of all Board of Directors Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Coaches meetings, OMHA Coaching Clinics, PRS Clinics, and any other meetings for AMHA operating purposes as requested by the Board of Directors, Abuse and Harassment Coordinator, or AMHA membership as required;

·       Review all permits and costs incurred for the purposes of any Meeting Room Bookings, their set up and financial obligations incurred to the Association, to ensure their accuracy;

·       When so requested by the Board of Directors to prepare, have printed and distribute in a suitable manner all advertising, bulletins, directives, etc., pertaining to the operation of the Association;

·       Be responsible for the permanent record keeping of the Association;

·       Draw the attention of the Board of Directors and recommend investigation into any activities or functions which do not conform with the Association’s Constitution, By-Laws, Playing Rules, duly recorded motions and/or those which in the judgment of the Secretary are to the detriment of the aims and duties of the Ajax Minor Hockey Association;

·       Carry on any Association correspondence required and maintain copies of all such correspondence pertaining to the Board of Directors;

·       At the discretion of the Board of Directors make necessary transportation, meeting room facilities, utilities and all other related items;

·       Be one of the Association’s signing officers;

·       Be the Association’s Media contact.

Sponsorship Director
Pre-requisite: None
Term:  Two (2) years


·       Be responsible for obtaining sponsors for all House League teams of the Association;

·       Be responsible for obtaining sponsorship advertising and donations relating to the program to be used by AMHA;

·       In the event of a committee being formed to perform the above duties the Sponsorship Director shall be the Chairperson of the said committee.

Major House League Director

Pre-requisite:  None
Term: Two (2) years


·       Be responsible for obtaining suitable candidates for Major House League Convenors and shall receive direction from the Board of Directors as to the approval of those House League Convenors;

·       Be responsible for the supervision of the respective House League divisions and work to improve the overall operation of the Major House League;

·       Attend from time to time games played in the House League to insure they are being conducted according to the Association’s rules and objectives;

·       Arrange with the Major House League Convenors, the schedules of games and practices to best use the ice time allotted to him/her and obtain the approval of these schedules from the Board of Directors;

·       Submit for the Board of Directors approval of all playoff schedules on or before Jan. 1st of each year;

·       Have issued all bulletins, directives and other information pertaining to the House League Convenors, Coaches, Managers and players;

·       Call and co-chair all combined House League Committee meetings;

·       Call and chair all Major House League Committee meetings;

·       Report to and be the representative of the Major House League on the Board of Directors;

·       Obtain the approval of the Board of Directors for the appointment of additional committee members who may be required to perform additional duties as described under the committee of Major House League Convenors;

·       To serve the best interest of all players registered with the A.M.H.A. House League, as a member of the “Fair Play Committee” chaired by the Vice-President;

Marketing Director
Pre-requisite: None
Term: Two (2) years


·       Manage all advertising campaigns for AMHA registration, apparel and media blitzes;

·       Co-ordinate all OMHA marketing programs within AMHA;

·       Be responsible for the AMHA Website, which would include updates and development to the Website;

·       Co-ordinate all photo shoots throughout the year at all AMHA functions;

·       Be responsible for the AMHA awards and trophies procurement process;

·       Manage and direct Association activities and functions under the direction of the Board of Directors;

·       Co-ordinate all Association activities and in addition to being a voting member of any such board, shall also be an advisor to all such boards;

·       Shall attend as a representative of the Ajax Minor Hockey Association all of the Town of Ajax Recreation Advisory Council Meetings which permit Ajax Minor Hockey Association representation and report appropriately to the Board of Directors;

·       Manage and direct all Association off-ice activities and in addition to being a voting member of any such board, shall also be an advisor to all such boards.

Director of Volunteers
Pre-requisite: None
Term: Two (2) Years


·       Recruit volunteers for all fundraisers;

·       Be responsible to recruit and oversee volunteers for all hockey tournaments;

·       Attend all Board Meetings;

·       Be available to assist other Board Members when needed;

·       Assist with fundraising events, such as ticket sales and raffles.


To apply for a Director's position, please click here to complete the online application form.


Please click here for the AGM Agenda


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